Global Warming and THE GLOBAL TWITCH !!


As you can see on this post, twitching is good for Earth warming and warming is good for twitching... and for birder too. Proofs in pics...


Results of a mega-easter FFWP discovery on Ouessant Island, picture taken in Paris some minutes after the discorvery

CO2 effects on extraordinary beautiful meteorological events.The absolute equation : more cyclone more mega !

Warming effects on sea level (and on mega distribution).

More cyclone, more mega. Higher sea levels, less intertidal area and bay. More mega, less spot =>greater concentration of mega on extraordinary relictual shorebirds spots.

Some of the others great advantage of global warming...

... and the incredible apparition of a new type of birder : The twitching girl ! Nobody's kown where she come from but she is the absolute arm to find mega and to have fun in the bush when the rare-ometer is at horse sheat.

But be careful, global change is not always synonimous of global warming and global cooling may occure with some associated complications...

Here a man looking a the sea and confronted to a significant twitching problem



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